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Emergency Dentistry in Longview

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Three Rivers Dental provides emergency dentistry in Longview, WA. Call 360-803-8003 for urgent dental treatment.

General Dental Emergencies

Three Rivers Dental provides emergency dentistry in Longview, WA. If the situation is life threatening, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department. Otherwise, call 360-803-8003 if you or a family member is experiencing a dental emergency. If you need assistance after hours, follow the prompts on our answering service.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry refers to an urgent dental situation that needs immediate attention. A severe toothache, a dental injury, or any other dental problem that can’t wait until the next day would be considered a dental emergency.

Procedures Offered

We provide the following emergency dental services: 

  • Root canals. When a severe toothache occurs, the tooth is most likely infected. A root canal may be able to save the tooth. It may also save a cracked or broken tooth. 
  • Dental extractions. Sometimes a tooth is too damaged to be saved and will need to be extracted. We provide emergency dental extractions when needed. 
  • Treatment for dislodged or displaced teeth. If a tooth gets knocked out of place or completely out of the socket, we provide immediate treatment to try and save the tooth. 
  • Sedation dentistry. Dental emergencies can be stressful or even scary. We provide sedation options, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and conscious oral sedation to help patients relax.

Why Choose Three Rivers Dental?

Dental emergencies require the services of an experienced dentist who provides after hours care. Three Rivers Dental provides emergency treatment both during regular office hours and can accommodate many emergencies after hours when absolutely necessary. Dr. Doman’s experience and calm manner helps patients and families through urgent situations with minimal stress. We will do everything we can to help you resolve dental emergencies in a timely manner.

Below are instructions for handling minor dental emergencies.

In the case of a toothache...

Gently clean the area around the tooth by rinsing the mouth with warm water and gently flossing to remove any particles that may be lodged in the tissue around the tooth. If the pain continues, or if the area around the affected tooth is warm, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

If a lip, gum, cheek, or tongue gets cut...

Apply ice to help reduce swelling and apply pressure with a clean cloth or sterile gauze to stop any bleeding. If the bleeding continues, call your physician or visit your local emergency room.

If a baby tooth gets knocked out...

Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

If a permanent tooth gets knocked out...

Call our office right away and take these steps.

  1. Do not touch the tooth root, but hold the tooth by the crown and gently rinse the tooth with water.
  2. Place the tooth back into the socket as quickly as possible and bite down on clean gauze to hold it in place.
  3. If the tooth cannot be placed in the socket, put the tooth in a small container of milk or saliva and bring it with you to your appointment.
If a tooth gets chipped or broken...

Gently rinse the area with lukewarm water and place a cold compress on the face to reduce swelling. If you can locate the piece of the broken tooth, place the piece in milk, and bring it with you to the office. If more than half of the tooth is broken off, please call us immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

How do I know if my situation is an emergency?

Here is a list of some emergencies that would require immediate care:

  • A tooth that is displaced (knocked out of position or completely out of socket)
  • Facial swelling that is significant and/or is accompanied by fever (any swelling that causes difficulty breathing or swallowing is an indication for calling 911 or getting to the emergency room at the nearest hospital immediately)
  • Teeth won’t line up and properly close after trauma
  • Uncontrollable pain
What should I do if a tooth gets knocked out?
With a knocked out tooth, time is of the essence. First, if it is a permanent tooth, attempt to put it back into the socket and bite down on some clean gauze or cloth. Gently rinse if necessary, but do not scrub the tooth and damage the ligament fibers on the root before replanting into the socket. If you can’t get it back in, put the tooth in milk or the patient’s saliva and call us immediately. Don’t attempt to put a baby tooth back in the socket. The tooth may be saved if it is treated within approximately 60 minutes.
Do dentists handle soft tissue injuries in the mouth?
If you have a soft tissue injury in the mouth, such as the tongue, cheek, or lip, your dentist is the right person to call. Apply pressure to stop any bleeding until we can see you.
When should I call 911 or go to the emergency room instead?
If there is uncontrollable bleeding, the person is having trouble breathing, or if they lose consciousness, call 911. They will provide the necessary assistance.

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If you or a family member is experiencing a dental emergency, call 360-803-8003 right away. If the situation is life threatening, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

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